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Maternity and Breastfeeding

Maternity pictureHaving a baby is the single most common reason for admission to hospital. The health of mothers is critical to the development of their children both before and after birth. Their nutritional status before and during pregnancy, as well as their mental health is important, as are their lifestyle choices. Pregnancy and early life can help lay the foundations for individual health, well-being, cognitive development and emotional security not just in later childhood but also in adult life.

Public Health England have produced a a range of child and maternal health profiles including ones for pregnancy and birth and breastfeeding with accompanying interactive data tools which contain the latest Swindon data. 


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JSNA Annual Summary – Maternity and breastfeeding

The JSNA Annual Summary contains a section on maternity and breastfeeding which can be accessed below. This summary page is only updated in March each year.


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