Detailed needs assessments


Homelessness means not having a home. A home is a place that provides security, and links to a community and support network. It needs to be decent and affordable.

Under the law, even if someone has a roof over their head they can still be homeless. This is because they may not have the right to stay where they live or their home may be unsuitable to live in. People living in unsuitable accommodation, or sofa surfing are often referred to as the hidden homeless.

Reasons people become homeless are complicated and involve societal structures (such as the economy, access to jobs and low cost housing), changing circumstances (such as relationship breakdown or leaving an institution), as well as personal factors (such as mental health issues, age, and substance dependency).

Homelessness is associated with poor outcomes for the individual and for society.

We want to understand Swindon’s changing population, what is going on in Swindon, and what makes a difference to people’s health and wellbeing so that we can plan for the future. This is the first homelessness JSNA.

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