Detailed needs assessments


DiabetesAbout 7% of the adult population of Swindon have been diagnosed with diabetes, although some people may also have the condition without realising it. The proportion of people affected is likely to increase in the future.

The 2017 Needs Assessment and Bulletin report on the prevalence of diabetes, the pattern of complications and the delivery of the checks which can help prevent complications. Good practice in Swindon is described and recommendations for future local action are made.  The 2017 version updates the previous needs assessment carried out in 2013.

The latest diabetes data for Swindon can be found on the Public Health England (PHE) diabetes profile. This tool brings together a wide range of local, regional and national information related to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The indicators provide information on the distribution and determinants of diabetes, measures of patient treatment and care and diabetes-related complications. The data used for the indicators comes from routine primary care data, national survey data, national clinical audit data and hospital records.


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JSNA Annual Summary – Diabetes section

The JSNA Annual Summary contains a section on diabetes which can be accessed below. This summary page is only updated in March each year.


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