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Dementia Needs AssessmentDementia is an important issue for people in Swindon and nationally, now and in the future. It causes damage to the brain which affects cognitive ability and, over time, day to day functioning. The original JSNA on dementia was produced in 2013 and this has been updated and refreshed in 2017 to help understand what is happening now, what the risk factors are for dementia, available services, and potential future needs. The 2017 JSNA should be read and used together with the 2013 version which provides more context and background on dementia whereas the 2017 version focuses on the quantitative information.

The 2017 Dementia JSNA is available here:

The 2013 Dementia JSNA informed the development of a multi-agency dementia strategy to drive work forward in Swindon. The Swindon Dementia Strategy is available to download here:

Public Health England have produced a set of Dementia profiles with an accompanying interactive data tool which contain the latest Swindon data.

The 2013 version of the Dementia JSNA and the accompanying bulletin can be downloaded from the links below.


Further resources

JSNA Annual Summary – Dementia

The JSNA Annual Summary contains a section on dementia which can be accessed below. This summary page is only updated in March each year.

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