Detailed needs assessments

Children and Young People

CYPThis page hosts needs assessments that have been specifically produced for children and young people along with links to further information. However, the needs of children and young people are also included in many other sections of the overall JSNA and the reader is urged to use these in addition to the contents of this page to gain a full understanding of the issues on any particular topic.

There are around 50,000 children and young people living in Swindon. Their needs are varied and complex and the range of needs assessments produced reflects this. The assessments provide detailed information to help us understand the needs of children and young people in these groups in Swindon and make recommendations on how to improve services and outcomes for them.

JSNAs and profiles


Important data sources

The Local Authority Interactive Tool (LAIT) is an interactive spreadsheet for comparing data about children and young people across all local authorities in England and contains up to date figures for Swindon.

The Public Health England Child and Maternal Health profiles bring together a range of publicly available data, information, reports, tools and resources on child and maternal health. They contain recent data for Swindon on a range of topics arranged by both life stage (e.g. school-age children) and theme (e.g. unintentional injuries).

The key indicators from the PHE Child and Maternal Health profile are summarised in an annual child health profile for Swindon. The latest profile is for 2019.

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