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The number of people over 65 years in Swindon is projected to increase by 89% from 29,069 in 2011 to 54,976 in 2031. However this is also in the context of a changing perception and reality of older age:

The (2017) Ageing Well JSNA combines both quantitative and qualitative research. It begins with an overview of the policy context around ageing well and then brings together a broad range of data sources focusing on different aspects of ageing well from health to housing, physical activity to staying independent. Although there is information on ill health, hospital attendance and end of life, it is much more holistic in its overview of the lives of older people. There is also insight into the services people use and the range of activities available in Swindon.

The full JSNA report and 8 page bulletin can be downloaded below:

The Ageing Well JSNA for Swindon will inform local commissioners and providers of services about the differing needs of an older population. It will also inform an Ageing Well Strategy for Swindon

The Ageing Well Strategy will be available later in 2019.

Public Health England have developed a Productive Healthy Ageing Profile which will succeed their Older People’s Health and Wellbeing Profile in April 2019. This profile along with an interactive data tool will contain the latest Swindon data on a wide range of relevant indicators.


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JSNA Annual Summary – Ageing well

The JSNA Annual Summary contains a section on ageing well which can be accessed below. This summary page is only updated in March each year.


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