JSNA Summary 2017/18

Maternity and breastfeeding

Key fact

A study of mothers, who gave birth at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, found that 51% were of excess weight including 23% who were obese.

Key indicators

Estimated prevalence of perinatal mental illnesses in Swindon

Perinatal psychiatric disorder Rate per 1,000 maternities Estimated numbers in Swindon based on 2015 data*
Postpartum psychosis 2 5
Chronic serious mental illness 2 5
Severe depressive illness 30 80
Mild-moderate depressive illness and anxiety states 100-150 270-405
Post-traumatic stress disorder 30 80
Adjustment disorders and distress 150-300 405-815

*2015 data: 2,712 maternities, 2,847 live births

Maternity and breastfeeding: Key indicator 2

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Key issues

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