JSNA Summary 2016/17

Maternity and breastfeeding

Key fact

2,847 babies were born in Swindon UA in 2015, 25 of these were born to women aged under 18 and 101 to women aged 40 or above

Key indicators

Estimated prevalence of perinatal mental illnesses in Swindon

Perinatal psychiatric disorder Rate per 1,000 maternities Estimated numbers in Swindon based on approx. 3,000 maternities/year
Postpartum psychosis 2 6
Chronic serious mental illness 2 6
Severe depressive illness 30 90
Mild-moderate depressive illness and anxiety states 100-150 300-450
Post-traumatic stress disorder 30 90
Adjustment disorders and distress 150-300 450-900

Source: Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health Guidance for commissioners of perinatal mental health services.

Maternity and breastfeeding: Key indicator 2

Key information

Key challenges

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