JSNA Summary 2015/16

Appendix A: Priorities

Swindon Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

The following agreed priorities for Swindon have been articulated in the JHWS:

Swindon Borough Council

The Vision for Swindon 2030 sets out how the Council will shape the Borough, and deliver growth that allows communities to prosper, families to live healthy and happy lives, and children to fulfil their potential.

The Council Vision is:

"By 2030, Swindon will have all of the positive characteristics of a British city with one of the UK’s most successful economies; a low-carbon environment with compelling cultural, retail and leisure opportunities and excellent infrastructure. It will be a model of well managed housing growth that supports and improves new and existing communities. Swindon will be physically transformed with existing heritage and landmarks complemented by new ones that people who live, work and visit here would recognise and admire. It will remain, at heart, a place of fairness and opportunity where people can aspire to and achieve prosperity, supported by strong civic and community leadership."

and is underpinned by four priorities:

NHS Swindon CCG

NHS Swindon Mission Statement:

To optimise the Health and Wellbeing of the people of Swindon and Shrivenham in order to ensure that everyone lives a health, safe, fulfilling and independent life and by delivering the following set of outcomes:

Bath and NE Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire Sustainability and Transformation Plan1

The emergent priorities for the next five years have been agreed as:

Within the Prevention and Proactive Care workstream the following key objectives have been identified:

One Swindon

The One Swindon Partnership priorities are:

Public Health England

The current Public Health England (PHE) priorities2 are:

NHS England

In its 2016/17 business plan, NHS England set out 10 priorities3:

1B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire: Sustainability and Transformation Plan. Emergent plan, December 2016. www.bathandnortheastsomersetccg.nhs.uk/assets/uploads/2016/04/BSW-STP-Final-14-12-16.pdf

2From evidence into action: opportunities to protect and improve the nation’s health, Public Health England, © Crown Copyright, October 2014. www.gov.uk/government/publications/from-evidence-into-action-opportunities-to-protect-and-improve-the-nations-health

3NHS England Business Plan 2016/17 www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/bus-plan-16.pdf