Better Care Fund

Better Care Fund

The Better Care Fund (BCF) is one of the most ambitious programmes across the NHS and local government to date. It creates a local single pooled budget to incentivise the NHS and local government to work more closely together around people, placing their wellbeing as the focus of health and care services, and shifting resources into social care and community services for the benefit of the people, communities and health and care systems.


Our vision for the Swindon Better Care Fund builds on our successful integration and the Five Year Strategic Plan for Swindon and is informed by our JSNA and Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


BCF submission - planning template 2017-19 (3.8 Mb)


Integration and BCF Narrative Plan 2017 (1.0 Mb)


Appendix 1 - DTOC Plan including High Impact Changes (self-assessment) (117 Kb)


Provisional HWB DTOC metric plan collection (832 Kb)


Appendix 2 - Market Position Statement (1.1 Mb)


BCF Quarter 1 2018/19 monitoring return (205 Kb)


2017/18 documents.


IBCF Quarter 1 2017/18 monitoring return (547 Kb)


BCF Quarter 2 2017/18 progress submission (65 Kb)


IBCF Quarter 3 2017/18 monitoring return (603 Kb)


BCF Quarter 3 2017/18 monitoring return (76 Kb)


IBCF Quarter 4 2017/18 monitoring return (966 Kb)


BCF Quarter 4 2017/18 monitoring return (122 Kb)


2016/17 documents.


BCF submission - planning template 2016-17 (3.2 Mb)


BCF 2016-17 DTOC Progress Review (2.8 Mb)


BCF - KLOEs for narrative 2016-17 (137 Kb)


BCF - Appendix 2 (DTOC targets) (42 Kb)


BCF - Appendix 3 (DTOC combined per month) (37 Kb)


BCF - Quarterly data collection Q2 2016_17 (1.8 Mb)



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