New Domestic Abuse JSNA published

21 May 2018

An updated (2018) domestic abuse JSNA that considers the issues for adults and children and prevention has been uploaded to the website.

JSNA Summary 2017/18

03 April 2018

The 2017/18 JSNA Summary has been published along with a new Infographic in the "JSNA in Pictures" section.

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018-2021 published

29 March 2018

Publication of statutory report to assess the need for pharmaceutical services in Swindon

Swindon's population estimated to be 218,580

23 March 2018

According to the latest revised estimate from the Office for National Statistics, the population of Swindon Borough was 218,580 people in 2016.

Air Quality JSNA

23 March 2018

An Air Quality Needs Assessment (JSNA) for Swindon has been published which examines the levels of pollution in Swindon and the effects on health.

Childhood obesity report 2016/17

13 February 2018

A report summarising the results of the National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP) in 2016/17 has been published on the Healthy Weight page.

Ageing Well Needs Assessment

12 February 2018

The Swindon Ageing Well JSNA bulletin has now been added to the JSNA website. This condenses the full report (that was published in 2017) into an 8-page report summarising the key points and containing recommendations.

Thames Valley Cancer Report

19 December 2017

Public Health England (PHE) have published a cancer report for the Thames Valley Cancer Alliance area.  This includes data and analysis for Swindon.

Carers JSNA

23 October 2017

The Swindon Carers JSNA has been published on the JSNA website.  In addition to the full report there is an 8-page JSNA bulletin summarising the key points and containing the recommendations.

Useful analysis tools from Public Health England

22 September 2017

Public Health England (PHE) has a range of useful data and intelligence tools that cover almost every aspect of health and wellbeing.  The JSNA website now has a dedicated page to signpost you to the most useful ones.

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