Detailed needs assessments

Long Term Conditions Needs Assessment 2017

LTC pictureImprovements in medical treatment and success in public health interventions have resulted in people having longer lives, often with some form of long-term morbidity or disability.  In England, the Department of Health estimates that over a quarter of the population have a Long Term Condition (LTC).  An increasing number of these people also have a co-morbidity (or co-morbidities) and so are in a state of Multi-Morbidity (MM).  The on-going management of LTCs and Multi-Morbidity is now a central task of the NHS and care services.

In this Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) for Swindon, we have drawn upon existing data sources (such as the 2011 Census and QOF registers) to estimate the “LTC prevalence pool” in Swindon UA.  We have also applied the Symphony Model to the Swindon population to estimate the magnitude of groups of LTC patients and impute their activity in our local health and social care system.  Symphony is a record-linkage project, which has used “real life” health and social care data from Somerset to identify patterns of activity in a population.  We also used the model to investigate other issues relating to LTCs within Swindon, such as Multi-Morbidity, costs and the effects of deprivation.  The JSNA informs decisions about how services are commissioned and designed.

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