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Healthy Weight

Healthy weight

Obesity is a major public health problem which costs the NHS in Swindon £31million a year, increases costs to social services and has a negative impact on the local economy. It is caused by an energy imbalance between what we eat and what we do. Overweight and obesity affects children and adults; in Swindon one in ten 4-5 year olds and one in five 10-11 year olds are obese. Being overweight or obese can affect people’s ability to make the most of their lives. It also increases the risk of illnesses such as stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia.

The Swindon Healthy Weight Strategy 2017-22 includes actions to both prevent people becoming overweight and to support people who need extra help in making healthy food choices and managing their weight. Working with partners who can contribute skills, knowledge and influence is key to achieving our strategy, together with talking to local people about what encourages them or makes it difficult to be a healthy weight. It is a ‘healthy weight’ rather than an ‘obesity’ strategy to capture what we are aiming to achieve in Swindon and recognises that weight can be an issue for anyone.

Eating well and being physically active go hand in hand so this strategy should be read together with the Active Swindon Strategy which is about getting move people in Swindon active.

Swindon Healthy Weight Strategy 2017-22 (1Mb PDF)

Get Swindon Active Strategy 2015-20 (2Mb PDF)

Public Health England have produced a set of local level National Child Measurement Programme profiles and Physical Activity profiles along with accompanying interactive data tools.

The following report provides a brief summary of the NCMP data for Swindon in 2017/18.  It looks at trends over time and compares Swindon with a number of similar areas.

Swindon NCMP Summary Report 2017/18 (1.15Mb PDF)



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