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Economy JSNA 2017

The Economy JSNA identifies the needs of the Swindon economy now and in 2036.  The JSNA helps us to understand the current economic situation, how the needs of Swindon’s economy are currently being met, what the future needs of the economy are likely to be and how future needs can be met.

Understanding Swindon’s changing population, the factors that affect economic growth, the town’s assets and the implications on future growth are vital in setting priorities and planning future services.

The JSNA is summarised by the four bulletins below - each of which articulate strategic objectives to be explored by the Swindon Economic Strategy, which is in development, and recommend a series of specific actions.

This JSNA is part of a suite of documents to understand the needs of businesses and residents in Swindon.

Please contact Ross Miller ( / 01793 466403) for further information.

Economy key facts

This infographic summarises the key economic facts for Swindon (April 2018)

Swindon's retail sector key facts

This infographic summarises the key facts about Swindon's retail sector (March 2016)

Invest in Swindon's retail sector presentation

This presentation provides information about commerical opportunities in Swindon town centre from a few of Swindon Borough Council's partners (April 2016)

Swindon Retail and Lesiure Needs Assessment

This assessment provides a qualitative analysis of the existing retail and leisure facilities within Swindon Borough, including identification of the role of each centre, catchment areas and the relationship between the centres.  It also provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the need for new retail facilities within Swindon Borough, and the need for leisure and other main town centre uses. (January 2017)

Education, Skills and the Economy

For more information and links to further resources, please see the JSNA summary page for Education, Skills and the Economy.

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