Detailed needs assessments

Children and Young People's Needs Assessment 2015/16


There are around 50,000 children and young people living in Swindon.  Their needs are varied and complex.  A series of needs assessments have been produced focussing on:

The assessments provide detailed information to help us understand the needs of children and young people in these groups in Swindon and makes recommendations on how to improve services and outcomes for them.

Children aged 0-4 (Best Start)

This assessment focuses on the needs of around 15,000 children aged 0-4 in Swindon.  Research tells us that pregnancy and a child's early years are a time of vital importance to a child's health and wellbeing and that parents are central to this.  The JSNA bulletin below provides a brief summary of the full JSNA which is a comprehensive and detailed analysis of all aspects of the first five years of a child's life and the influences on it.


Children and young people's mental health

This mental health needs assessment focuses on the needs of children and young people from 5 – 18 years but also includes transition to adult services up to the age of 25.


Children and young people with complex and life limiting conditions

Children with a disability, complex need and/or life limiting condition are a diverse group.  Some will need multi-agency support across health, social services and education whereas others will have little contact with services unless their condition deteriorates.


Looked After Children

Understanding the profile of Swindon’s children looked after population and forecasting future demand is integral to ensuring we provide appropriate services to meet the needs of children in care. The following analysis has been prepared to support the Swindon Sufficiency Strategy and will inform market development, the re-shaping of in-house provision and the development of effective commissioning arrangements with external market. Using the profile of needs of Swindon’s children looked after will help us to consistently get the best placement, at the right time, in the right place.


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