Swindon Sexual Health Strategy

01 February 2016

The Swindon Sexual Health Strategy 2015-2020 has been published and added to the JSNA website

Liver Disease health needs assessment

10 December 2015

The South West Liver Disease Health Needs Asssessment and an infographic summary for Swindon have been published on the Liver Disease page of this website

Economy information newly available on the JSNA website

27 November 2015

A page on the JSNA website has been created to hold data, information and intelligence relating to the Economy in Swindon.


Children and Young People's Needs Assessments

19 October 2015

Two new needs assessments focusing on children and young people have been published to the JSNA website. They cover mental health and complex and life limiting conditions.

Indices of Deprivation 2015

08 October 2015

The English Indices of Deprivation 2015 (ID 2015) were published on 30 September 2015 and provide data on relative deprivation for small areas in Swindon and nationally.

Population estimates for 2014

26 June 2015

Population estimates for 2014 have been published.  Swindon borough now has 215,799 residents. Read the population summary document to find out more.

Get Swindon Active Strategy 2015-20 published

01 June 2015

The Get Swindon Active strategy sets out how the vision of getting 'everybody active every day' will be achieved in Swindon.

Swindon Healthy Weight Strategy 2013-15 published

05 May 2015

Actions to prevent people becoming overweight and to support people who need extra help in making healthy food choices and managing their weight.

Adult Autism Needs Assessment 2015 published

28 March 2015

Information to help us understand the needs of adults with autism in Swindon and recommendations to improve services and support.

House of Commons: Constituency Explorer

27 March 2015

Explore data for parliamentary constituencies using this new tool and take the quiz to test your knowledge

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