Substance Misuse JSNA

28 February 2017

Swindon has an estimated 1,147 opiate and/or crack users and 31,000 hazardous drinkers. This impact on health outcomes for the people involved and also places significant financial pressures on local services.  The 2017 Substance Misuse JSNA assesses current demand and provision of substance misuse services in Swindon alongside the impact of substance misuse in Swindon including the impact on health and other inequalities.

The JSNA makes recommendations about the best use of reducing resources with regard to future substance misuse commissioning, partnership working and strategic direction in Swindon. Our priority is to reduce substance misuse overall and reduce the harm and health inequalities caused by ensuring our more vulnerable groups: pregnant women, minority ethnic groups, children and young people, older people and people with dual diagnosis either mental health or learning difficulties and substance misuse are able to access services.

Read the JSNA reports on the Substance Misuse Needs Assessment page.


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